What are the Benefits of Tooth Fillings?

Do you know an average American adult has about 7 permanent teeth with fillings?

A tooth filling is one of the most common dental procedures used to fill up dental cavities and repair damaged tooth.

benefits of tooth filling

A quick dental treatment to help patients bring back their bright and shiny smile. To learn more about the benefits of tooth fillings, read this blog:

1. Fill cavities

According to the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research, on an average, 92% of adults aged between 20 to 64 have had a dental cavity once.

A dentist will remove a portion of the infected teeth and use dental fillers such as silver amalgam or composite bonding solution to fill the hole.

People often choose composite filling over amalgam filling due to the following reasons:

  • Composite fillings are unnoticeable
  • Provides healthy tooth structure
  • Looks natural and strong
  • No metalling feeling in your mouth

2. Repairs broken or damaged tooth

Our teeth are quite sensitive to dental chipping and fractures caused by:

  1. accidental injuries
  2. aging
  3. bad eating habits
  4. weak dental structure

repair broken damaged tooth

Whatever may be the reason, it is important to treat broken teeth as it can cause major discomfort, acute pain, and sudden sensitivity.

Composite tooth filling is among the safest and cost-effective dental procedures to correct chipped or broken teeth.

In this procedure, the color of the filling is customized to match the color of your tooth enamel, making your teeth look natural.

Composite filling is strong and long-lasting, so expect great results.

3. Improves the teeth color

Stained or yellow teeth are one of the most common dental woes most people complain about.

The discoloration of teeth can be caused by:

  • smoking
  • drinking alcohol
  • chewing tobacco
  • having coffee or tea
  • starchy food items such as pasta or potatoes

Whitening toothpaste or strips are some of the common methods to remove those stains.

However, composite fillers offer a convenient solution to treat discolored teeth.

In this treatment, the filling material is tinted to match tooth color, which helps it to cover up your teeth surface.

4. Prevents tooth decay

You will be surprised to know that approximately 100% of adults have tooth decay problems.

Tooth decay often leads to pain and discomfort while eating food.

A dentist removes the decayed tooth part and then restores the tooth by filling it with dental fillers.

Dental fillings can be used to save as much of your original tooth as possible.

5. Prevents oral infection

Oral infection is often associated with significant tooth pain when eating,  swelling near the tooth, bleeding and even fever sometimes.

Prevents oral infection

In such a situation, a temporary tooth filling can be used to heal infected teeth and gums.

This procedure involves a few steps:

  • A dentist examines how severe the oral infection is
  • An anesthetic drug is injected to make the area around the infected tooth numb
  • The area around infected tooth is prepared for restoration
  • If the infection is due to the damaged tooth, then laser therapy is done to remove the infected part.
  • If the infection is due to tooth cavity or tooth decay, dental fillers can be used.

In the end…

According to the World Health Organization, the Global Burden of Disease Study 2017 found that oral infections affected around 3.5 billion people globally.

To avoid oral problems, it’s very important to follow a good oral hygiene routine.

Early dental care and treatment can also help to reduce the level of any dental problems.

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