Dental Services

Cambridge, Belmont, Newton & Watertown MA

At Watertown Dentistry, Dr. Ray Hanna and staff have the experience and expertise to help you with any number of dentistry needs.

Dental Check-Ups and General Care Solutions

We can help young and old patients learn how to care for their teeth and provide periodic check-ups on the general health of your teeth and gums.

Missing Tooth or Teeth Solutions

For a missing tooth, we have the ability to replace it with a bridge or with a tooth implant. Dentures may also be used with a full set for all of your teeth or a partial set for as few as one tooth.

Gum Disease and Tooth Root Solutions

Issues with gum disease are handled with periodontal care, while pain from the root canal requires endodontist specialty care.

Smile Solutions

If you are looking to improve your smile, we have a number of solutions available. For teeth straightening, we are a certified Invisalign® specialist.

  • Invisalign Dentist

Broken teeth, cavities, chipped teeth, teeth discoloration, and gaps can either be improved with fillings, crowns, veneers, or other cosmetic dentistry.

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