Senior Dental Care

Senior Dental Care

Are there special dental concerns as people age?

senior dental care Watertown Watham Brighton MAYes. The aging process takes its toll on all parts of our bodies. Receding gums can increase your teeth’s sensitivity to cold and heat, and expose your teeth’s roots to the danger of tooth decay. Did you know that some seniors are more likely to suffer tooth decay than children? Lack of exposure to fluoride as a child and dry mouth as a result of the aging process or various medications or conditions, are the typical culprits. Your chances of developing oral cancers also increase as you age, particularly if you smoke. Do you take more medication now than you did when you were younger? Keep in mind that medications can affect your dental health and always bring a list of your current prescription and over-the-counter medications, dietary supplements and herbal products, as well as dosages and frequency of use, to each dentist appointment. Your dentist can help you develop the best senior dental care routine.

How can I deal with increased tooth sensitivity?

A good place to start when dealing with increased tooth sensitivity is to try using a fluoride rinse and switching to a toothpaste made for sensitive teeth. Other intervention may require a dentist. Be sure to mention increased sensitivity to your dentist at your next appointment. If you do not have a scheduled appointment, or if your teeth suddenly become much more sensitive, call to schedule an appointment.

I’ve never had problems with my teeth; do I really need to keep seeing a dentist?

As we stated, your chances of developing dental problems increase with age. Just because you have never had problems with your teeth does not mean that you never will. It is important to stay consistent with proper senior dental care and comprehensive dental exams. Your dentist can watch for signs of oral cancer, dental health problems, or other medical problems of the mouth, head, and neck.

What should I do if arthritis is making it difficult for me to brush and floss my teeth?

Even if it has become difficult, it is very important to maintain a healthy senior dental care routine as you age. One option to make brushing easier is to increase the size of the toothbrush handle. You can accomplish this many ways. You can wrap the handle in tape, or insert it into a bicycle handle grip or rubber ball, whatever feels comfortable and gives you added control. A second option is purchasing an electric or sonic toothbrush. There are numerous types of flossing aids available. Your dentist can help you find the best toothbrush and flossing aids to meet your needs.

What can I do if I’m finding it more difficult to chew and swallow certain foods?

Dry mouth, tooth decay, poorly-fitting dentures and other treatable conditions can make chewing and swallowing more difficult. Talk to your dentist about any issues you are having. Did you realize that part of a healthy senior dental care routine is proper nutrition? Your diet is important to your dental health and overall health throughout life.

Why would Watertown Dental be my best choice for my or my parent’s senior dental care needs?

From expert pediatric dental care to the best senior dental care, Watertown Dentistry can meet the dental needs of patients of any age. If you are in the Watertown, MA area, call today to schedule an appointment.