Should I consider dental crowns?

If your teeth are damaged in any way, if they are discolored, or if they are malformed, dental crowns could be the answer to make your smile beautiful. Also known as caps, dental crowns have come a long way since first being used to restore form and functionality to teeth. With improved technology, a tooth with a porcelain crown looks like a natural tooth. While dental crowns look better than the natural teeth to which they are applied, you do not have to worry about a dental crown being noticeably different from the teeth around it.

How does a dental crown look like a natural tooth?

Newton Watertown dentist dental crownsNewton Watertown dentist dental crowns Dental crowns beforeWhile metal crowns are still used, the most common type of crown, especially on teeth visible when you speak or smile, is made of a special type of porcelain. Dental porcelain can be shaped naturally, like the tooth before it was damaged or better. It is colored Dental crowns afterto match surrounding natural teeth, and even reflects light similarly to natural tooth enamel. Because porcelain crowns replace the external portion of a tooth down to gum level, there is no visible sign that the tooth is capped, or different in any way from a healthy natural tooth.

Can a dental crown protect my cracked tooth?

Yes. Dental crowns are an excellent choice to deal with teeth that have been cracked or chipped, or have suffered other types of damage due to trauma. If your teeth have been ground down or otherwise compromised by grinding them or clenching your jaw, dental crowns can be used to restore their integrity as well. If you choose porcelain crowns to restore damage done by grinding your teeth in your sleep, you should be fitted with a mouth guard to protect the porcelain from unnecessary, excessive damaging force while you sleep.

Why else may a dentist decide dental crowns are a necessary treatment?

Crowns are frequently used in cases of severe enamel erosion, and are a typical treatment of choice when tooth decay has destroyed most of the original tooth. It is likely that your dentist will suggest or require the application of a dental crown following a successful root canal. A crown is a possible solution to restore form and function any time a tooth is damaged but not lost.

Are dental crowns a good choice to improve the look of discolored teeth?

Crowns are an option for individuals whose teeth are severely discolored. They have several cosmetic dentistry uses. As well as providing a fresh face for discolored or malformed teeth, they are necessary to anchor dental bridges, and, as well as covering natural teeth in need of improvement, they are attached to cover dental implants.

How is a dental crown applied?

Dental crowns are applied similarly to dental veneers. They are affixed to the tooth with a special resin that is rapidly dried by exposure to a special light.

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