Dental Implants: Pros And Cons

upper jawEver since Swedish scientist and orthopedic surgeon Dr. P.I. Branemark discovered them, dental implants have greatly improved the quality of life for many people. They are titanium rods placed inside the jawbone and function the same way roots of teeth do.

In 2005, almost a million people had dental implants placed in their mouth in the United States. Many dentists nowadays recommend that instead of having a root canal or periodontal surgery, you get your tooth extracted and replaced with an implant. Although implants are usually more expensive than other types of dental care, they certainly have their pros and cons.

Pros Of Dental Implants

Dental implants offer permanence. Once the procedure for placing the implants is complete, your tooth is permanently fixed to the jaw and does not easily get loose.

You can decide what type of restoration is attached to the implants. For instance, you can choose dentures, bridges and crowns. The most common option for most patients is dental crowns. In instances where dentures or bridges are used, implants are used to secure both sides or one side of the restoration so that they are permanent. You also have the option of selecting an All-on-four procedure, which is a quicker implant option as compared to traditional implant procedures that require several office visits.

Implants are much more comfortable because they feel just like natural teeth. They are also much more comfortable than other dental procedures such as removable dentures.

When compared to dental bridges or dentures, dental implants offer esthetic benefits. Not only do they look natural but also they create beautiful smiles.

Cons Of Dental Implants

They are much more expensive than other dental options. Because of this reason, most people will opt for it as a last resort.

Not everyone is qualified for dental implants. Some candidates may not have sufficient bone structure to secure the implants. Thankfully, other options can be used to secure the implants and make the procedure a practical option.

From the initial visit to the time the implants are permanently secured to the jawbone, the you will require to go for several visits. As the tissues and gums heal, a temporary restoration will be attached to the implant.

The procedure can be a little uncomfortable for most people but it isn’t something that you cannot endure. When anesthesia is used during the entire procedure, you may experience little or no pain at all. As the implant heals, you will experience minor pain and swelling.

To sum things up, dental implants have their pros and cons but in some cases, it is the best and only option to replace missing teeth.

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