Dental Implants: Pros And Cons

Ever since Swedish scientist and orthopedic surgeon Dr. P.I. Branemark discovered them, dental implants have greatly improved the quality of life for many people. They are titanium rods placed inside the jawbone and function the same way roots of teeth do. In 2005, almost a million people had dental implants placed in their mouth in […]

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Child Dentistry And The Importance of Your Child Flossing

Most parents know that they should encourage their children to adopt oral health habits and one of the habits they should enforce is flossing. Children should be taught how to clean their teeth as soon as their baby teeth start to come out. Teaching your child how to floss can be a little bit complicated. […]

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Dental Crowns And Veneers- Which Ones To Choose?

Dental crowns and veneers both cover decayed, damaged or cracked teeth. They add strength to your teeth and improve your teeth’s appearance. They can also be used to cover unattractive or discolored teeth. The dental crown process is usually completed within two office visits. During the first visit, an impression is made on the teeth. […]

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