What drinks are bad for teeth?

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Drinks That Can Damage Your Teeth

In the previous two posts we discussed habits that can damage teeth. Today we are going to look at some drinks that you may or may not suspect are bad for teeth.

Why is soda so bad for teeth?

Like candy, soda is full of added sugar. You may be surprised by how much when you check the label for sugar content. On top of excess sugar, sodas also contain acids that erode tooth enamel. Diet soda may not be a much better choice. Although your teeth do not get a sugar bath, most artificial sweeteners are acidic.

Is fruit juice a better choice for tooth health?

There are many potential health benefits to drinking natural fruit juices, but that may not include dental health. Fruit juices are full of vitamins and antioxidants. And sugar. Whether or not you are surprised by the amount of sugar in your favorite soda, you are likely to be by the amount in your juice. Some have as much per serving as soda, so are just as bad for teeth. Various juices also have high acid content. Though they will still be high in natural sugars from the fruit itself, look for juices with no added sugar. Especially when giving juice to young children, consider diluting it with water.

Sport drinks can’t be that bad for teeth, can they?

While sports drinks also seem a healthier alternative to sugary soda, they can also be bad for teeth. They do their job in part because they are also high in sugar, which means they can contribute to tooth decay. Want to stay hydrated while you enjoy recreational sports or working out? Drink more water and fewer sugary drinks. It is good for you and your teeth.

Will coffee really stain my teeth?

Most likely. Over time, thanks to its acidity and dark color, coffee can cause yellowing of your teeth. On the up side, coffee stains are not as bad for teeth as other types of staining. The yellow that results from long-time coffee drinking is one of the easiest stains to treat. If you are concerned about yellowing or other discoloration of your teeth, be sure to talk to your dentist about your whitening teeth options.

red wine bad for teethIs it true that red wine can stain teeth?

Yes. Red wine contains pigment that gives it its red color, and can discolor your teeth. It also contains tannins. Tannins like to stick to things. They will try to bond with your tooth enamel, and help the color stick to your teeth. Throw in the acid that microscopically eats away at the surface of your teeth, making them rougher and more prone to staining, and you have a triple whammy of tooth-staining power.

Is white wine bad for teeth?

Because of the acid also found in white wine, it can, like red wine, soften tooth enamel. This etching makes your teeth vulnerable to staining from other beverages and food. The good thing about staining from red or white wine is that if you practice conscientious dental care, it is likely temporary. Eating cheese or another type of protein to create a bit of a barrier when you drink wine, and rinsing your mouth or chewing gum after drinking wine may help limit the temporary staining. Consider using a whitening toothpaste.

Are there other drinks, foods or habits I should avoid?

As you have seen in this series of blog posts, all sorts of things can be bad for teeth. If you are concerned about any of your favorites, discuss them with your dentist.

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