Foods that Damage and Benefit Your Teeth

We all have to eat. However, when considering what to dine on for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, dental care is generally not a top priority. What if you could ensure a long lasting smile and improved oral hygiene by selecting foods that will be good for your teeth?

Below we reveal the foods that can be beneficial to your teeth and those you should avoid.

Which Foods Have the Potential to Damage Your Teeth?

  • Citrus Fruits – Full of vitamin C, citrus fruits have some health benefits. But when it comes to your teeth, these bad guys are acidic in nature and will work to erode the enamel of your teeth over time.
  • Candy – Despite the popular reference to a “sweet tooth”, your teeth can do without sweet candy. Candy, especially those that are chewy, provides the perfect feeding environment for the bacteria in your mouth. This can result in the build of plaque, reduces the protective layer of your teeth and can lead to cavities.
  • Sodas and Sweet Juices – Many individuals will avoid these beverages for dietary reasons. But reducing your soda and sugary juices is highly beneficial for your teeth. Other than the sugar content, many sodas contain acid, which has the potential to harm your teeth.
  • Wine – There is a lot of excitement now surrounding the health benefits of wine, in particular, red wine. But both red and white wine contain substances that are sure to discolor your teeth.
  • Coffee – According to the National Coffee Association, over half of the American adult population drink coffee on a daily basis. However, persistent coffee drinking can lead to stains on your teeth and even with whitening treatment, discoloring can return. The same can be said of black tea.

Which Foods Help Your Teeth?

  • Sugarless Gum – Chewing gum is not just an ideal pass time activity, a sugarless gum helps with the production saliva. Why is saliva important? It plays a critical role in your natural dental care to wash away acids and bathe your teeth with the strengthen substances such as calcium and phosphate.
  • Water – Rich with fluoride, drinking water reduces the erosion of your teeth. Water also works to wash away sugars and acids that build up on your teeth.
  • Dairy products – Maintaining strong, healthy teeth requires an ample amount of calcium. You can find the mineral in dairy products, such as milk and cheese, as well as almonds, broccoli, and some fish.
  • Foods with high fiber – You know that vegetables are good for you. But leafy vegetables and other food with fiber content encourage chewing, which helps in the production of saliva.
  • Strawberries – This fruit contains an acid called malic which is great for whitening your enamel. A mixture of baking soda and strawberry pulp is a great at home whitening treatment.

Personal dental care isn’t limited to brushing and flossing. The foods that you eat can help or damage your teeth or make them strong, white, and healthy. The choice is yours. To learn more about improving your dental health call us today.

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